NowYu Features

NowYu provides a secure digital solution enabling GDPR compliant personal data exchange between consumers and suppliers in a trustful way that puts the consumer (YOU!) in charge.

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Mobile APP

NowYu comes as a mobile APP with features to explore and manage personalized offers, and manage your privacy settings.


Browse through a variety of goals and offers, that are available via NowYu.

My offers

The NowYu platform allows suppliers and vendors to constantly update their offering to better match your needs and personalize their offers.


You are in control. The more personal data that you share, the more precise the offers from suppliers can be. You are in control of your consent settings. You can choose which data you share with whom.

Watch NowYu Video

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NowYu at a Glance

There’s nothing like discovering how a new app works by just browsing through it to see what it is all about.

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Get the NowYu APP

We are working hard to release the first NowYu version soon!

Please contact us at the bottom of this web page should you wish to participate in our prior beta testing.

Get in touch

NowYu APP users: We would love to get your feedback on the offers or on the APP itself.

Suppliers and vendors: Please contact us for details on how to participate.

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Steilvoordehof 12, 9070 Heusden, Belgium

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